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Battle realms zymeth journey download

Battle realms zymeth journey

12 Aug - 2 min - Uploaded by quotetheraven90 Battle Realms Zen Master: Zymeth, Master of the Lotus Clan For three generations, Zymeth. 4 Apr - 2 min - Uploaded by Jeb Loves Conspiracy This is just a MOD Version. But I made this video just for fun. Modding Battle Realms Tutorial. 18 Mar - 2 min - Uploaded by Tobi 1 Zymeth kills a staff Adept. Battle Realms: Kenji's Journey (Zymeth kills Cutscene). Tobi.

16 Jul - 2 min - Uploaded by D_Blitz A cutscene for Battle Realms - Kenji's Journey (Dragon's Path). Battle Realms mod | Released Aug 12, summary ยท articles You are Zymeth, the leader of the Lotus Clan. You must reunite with your. This is a mod of the game Battle Realms, a wonderful RTS made by Liquid Entertainment. In this mod i tried to add new features to the game.

Zymeth is a Zen Master of the Lotus Clan, and is also the clan's acting leader. This form is appeared in last mission in Kenji's Journey - Dragon Road. Zymeth serves as an antagonist in the Battle Realms Single Player campaign should the . It is said there will be 2 different storys! -Shinja`s journey. - Rise of Zymeth. I am not sure if the main story(Zymeth I guess). will be after dragon kenjis journey. Corruption of the Lotus is a mod for Battle Realms, created by hecumarine. Description: The land of You are Zymeth, the leader of the Lotus Clan. You must reunite It replaces the entire Kenji's Journey. Also you will not be.