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Database dump

A database dump (also: SQL dump) contains a record of the table structure and/or the data from a database and is usually in the form of a list of SQL statements. A database dump is most often used for backing up a database so that its contents can be restored in the event of data loss. A database dump is a major output of data that can help users to either back up or duplicate a database. This can be considered part of a the more general term data dump, which involves revealing a set of stored data from a given technology. Dumping Data in SQL Format with mysqldump. This section describes how to use mysqldump to create SQL-format dump files. For information about.

A database dump can be used for backups, but doesn't have to. You can also just export your DDL and / or DML. A database backup makes use of a database. Mysqldump is used to dump or create a database backup or to transfer to another SQL Server. It is also used to generate files in CSV, other. SQL dump and restore. An SQL dump of a database is a common method to safely store away a snapshot of the database for archival purposes or to migrate data between database instances, e.g. between two major system releases. The content of a SQL dump is a large collection of SQL commands in ASCII.

If your database is large or takes too long to pack, dumping a database is the preferred backup method. This method creates a dump .dmp) file containing only . Exporting and Importing Database Dumps. A database dump is a file containing a database structure and content. You can use it for backup purposes. In earlier. The mysqldump client is a backup program originally written by Igor Romanenko. It can be used to dump a database or a collection of databases for backup or. SQL Dump. The idea behind this dump method is to generate a text file with SQL commands that, when fed back to the server, will recreate the database in the.